GOD – Definition Revealed


It was a Saturday evening. We were getting ready to go to Temple. I remember my wife was shrieking at me since morning that we have missed temple visit for almost 2 weeks. We shouldn’t miss it today at any chance. We generally go to the temple near by. Not sure why? Maybe because of the graceful architecture, unique ambience and from my elder son’s perspective delicious Prasada offered after the darshan. Also selecting the temple to go also depends on our social status nowadays. Some of the temples , because of their sophisticated appearance indirectly restricts by building a hesitation on the lower middle class as well as the below poverty line people to enter. They strongly believe that GOD inside those kind of temple is strictly for upper class and upper middle class people.

“Shall we leave, it’s already late” my wife urged me. We started from home. On the way my wife asked me to stop in front of a pooja store. She wanted to buy some pooja items to to get a special Darshan in the temple.

After watching the scene, my eight year old son asked me. “Dad, why are we buying these puja items?”.

“Its for special puja which will make the God happy” I replied.

“So the God is not happy now?” he was very quick to get back.

“Not like that, Ah…it is a kind of seeking attention from God.” I know I am trembling inside.

“But why do we need a special darshan? God will not pay attention to us otherwise?”  he questioned me back.

Well I started realizing that he is growing and I can’t give dumb reasons or an hypothetical answer to convince him. And this is because it’s me who asked him to think logic and question anything and everything he go through in his life. I am facing the consequences now for what I told him. But I don’t want to let my ego down. I told him “It’s not compulsory. It’s our desire and self satisfaction. God is not expecting anything from us. Since we have money, we can offer this to God to get his blessings. Poor people who don’t have money are not required to do such. It purely depends on our wish.”

“But Dad, in that case are we not trying to prove that we have money and that’s why we are trying to seek attention from God in front of the poor?” He was going deeper and deeper now. I know his age is too less. But the technologies and media in this modern world making these kids too matured at young age.

I wanted to give him a firm answer this time so that he will stop asking further questions. I don’t want to mind even if it is tough for him to understand.

“Understand clearly, This is a system which we are following for ages. This kind of system keeps the money floating between rich and poor. Because of such procedures, we are spending the money what we have. Else, the money won’t go to other people and the economy will not sustain. If you see now, the puja items are sold by a poor shopkeeper who will get some money to run his family. So he will be happy. Our special puja is indirectly helping his survival. Got it?” I told this answer knowing the fact that he is too small to understand this. Also I knew from the bottom of the heart that this explanation is something I gave him just to wind up the conversation and we were certainly not buying puja items to run this economy.

My wife was done with the puja shopping. I was desperately waiting for her to come back to proceed to temple. Actually to escape from my son’s questions.

We rushed to the temple. It was crowded as expected as it was a saturday. we went in a lengthy queue to get inside the temple and we had a good darshan with special puja. I told my son to wish to the God to give him good knowledge, kindness, wealth & health. After the special puja, we entered the queue for delicious prasada. My son was so excited. When we were tasting it sitting aside , my son started again his enquiry (kind of).

“Dad, why did you ask me to wish for knowledge, wealth & health to God?”

“Well, you have to wish to God to get what you need.  You might have problems that you can’t solve, you might need support to overcome hurdles. You should always pray to him to be with you as a saviour.  Not only that, You have to thank him for what he has given you”. I replied gently.

My son kept quite for some time and then told me “Dad, you know what, Mom helps me in my home work without even asking her, she voluntarily consoles me or grants me when I cry for something, she knows when I am hungry and feeds me at right time.  Isn’t she better than God?

Now both me and my wife started staring at each other. He continued “If God is the creator of the universe and people, why can’t he take the responsibility of taking care of us. We humans didn’t ask God to create the universe and us. Why should we thank him for what we didn’t wish for. Why should we ask him or pray to him to give us health, wealth & knowledge.  That means, is he not doing his job correctly? Is he forgetting things frequently that we have to remind him through prayers? Or is he an egoistic head weighted person who will give us what he supposed to give us only if we shower him with prayers?

My wife lost her patience this time. She can’t digest his argument anymore. Moreover, it was clearly visible that she couldn’t answer his questions that easily which increased her temper. She yelled at him “Stop it. You don’t understand. You have time to grow. Once you are grown, you will understand it in detail.” And then at me  “Now let’s leave. We can’t keep committing sin in this place”. We left the temple.

On that night, I couldn’t sleep properly. I was trying to find answer for my son’s questions more importantly  with Logic.

That restless thought through process inside me  discovered the reality.  What I  realized was, it’s our insecurity that keeps us afraid of God, keeps us do the prayers to appease or impress God. Most of us are thinking God only as a supporting system. We don’t have respect towards God, instead we have fear.

Since I am working on an IT firm, I tried to correlate God and his creation to an IT company CEO and his employees.  An Engineer who is working on the company, faces any issues, obviously  will reach out to his team mates first, then to his team lead and then may be to his Project Lead at a last chance. For sure he will, get his answers within that circle. Because based on their adequate experience in the industry they can always help them. An Engineer never takes the issue to the CEO of the company and neither the CEO will have the time to address such small issues. According to the CEO, it is a junk issue even though the issue might look big from that Engineer perspective. That’s why we have the hierarchical model in the IT company.

If we apply the same theory to our life, when we have problems, we can always approach our friends, our neighbors, Parents or even our Grandparents who might have actually faced such things in their life based on their experience. They can be our better support system. For sure we can get the answer within that circle. But unfortunately we keep ourselves closed, build insecurity and directly want to take the issue to GOD who is our CEO. More than we respect God, all we need is not to disturb God who has given us an employment in this world to run his creation successfully. If we do our duties honestly and efficiently, he will get good revenue and so as we get our promotion.

But I seriously believe in the fact that our Ancestors are way too intellectual than us despite no advanced science during their time. The point they wanted to convey us was somehow, somewhere misinterpreted and passed over.  Until we ask questions, get clarified and teach the same, we can’t seed positive thoughts to our next generation kids.

A detailed description of the road with a speed breaker is better than putting an “Accident Prone Zone” sign board.


Traveling Inward

One fine day when I decided sharing one of my life time thrilling experience to others, I was much confused on how to describe the same. For sure, I am not a poet to use attracting words to exaggerate the reality, I am certainly not a great story narrator as well to give the exact pause or emphasize to make the context more interesting. But  what I decided then is, the life time experience what I had, shouldn’t be left inside me for life long without being useful for others. So I believe the right intention what I have won’t be overruled by some grammatical mistakes and sentence making which then makes it perfectly a BLOG :-).  With that note, hope I have now brought your expectation rightly set :-).

Before start sharing about my own personal experience which I will call henceforth a real life story, I want to talk about myself – the hero of the story.

My greatest strength that I would like to call out is certainly my honesty and patriotism. When it comes to the negative side, the list goes on and on.

I am basically short tempered, un-satisfied, live in dreams, very intense critic, thrive for success, have inferiority complex. .The biggest problem I found in myself was my uncontrolled anger which shows me as a Villain even for my wife at times.  The inferiority complex developed with in me due to some deficiencies I have actually dragged me to an extent to become jealous on others who I presumed the perfect creation. The Society where I grew also played a vital role in my character devastation by ignoring my positives and teasing at my problems. . The frustration developed inside me made me a hard core critic. If I found something wrong or not in perfection, I criticize that to the core and with improper language. Soon, my negative vibrations started impacting even my kids and in their behaviors.  I was helpless and hopeless to come out of this monstrous character and obsession which I even started disliking and afraid of.

Days went by. One fine day, a person who I knew before cause of her dynamic personality approached me and wanted to talk to me for some time.  She was one of the few people who I got admired (jealous …in my own terms). Her age didn’t match her thoughts and sentences. Very matured. She was trying to convey me about something called reincarnation and regression therapy. To be honest I have never heard of it or would have never given attention to it. The so called scientific approach to anything, which I was taught by modern science all these days didn’t allow me to accept the artifacts she presented in front of me about reincarnation and regression therapy. But I was overwhelmed by the fact that her intention was simply good.  Her ready to help attitude impressed me and made me  listen to her and cooperate. She wanted me to go through regression process and she was ready to help me in that. All she wanted from me was a date to fix the appointment. Her soothing voice & magnetic eyes convinced my ego to accept for a regression therapy. But still the notorious character inside me was keep yelling at me to prove her wrong and embarrass her. We fixed a time to meet and go through the regression process.

One day before the scheduled date to meet, she messaged me some precautionary steps to follow. Things like no intaking of alcohol, coffee/Tea, take good rest and breakfast. Though I desperately wanted to break that rules, the words came from my wife “Why can’t you even respect the people who cares about you?”  gave a tight slap to my inner voice and ego.

I went to her Studio (her friend’s house) where she was doing her regression sessions. She asked me to relax for some time. She was carrying some papers with her and a laptop. She gave me a brief presentation on regression and re-incarnation. I was nodding as if I understood everything. I was more curious about the session I am about to go through. Honestly I was not much listening to her. But her voice is so powerful (not loud when I mean it)  that it was some how entering in to my head even though I didn’t listen to her much. I even asked her ” Is this hypnotizing?”. I was very proud of myself asking that silly question not even even realizing that I am insulting her credibility. But she gently smiled and replied “Hypnotizing is keeping you not aware of what you are doing. Regression therapy is something which you are talking to your inner voice or the subconscious mind. Here you will be very much conscious and in self-control. Don’t worry you wont reveal your credit card number to me”.  Her cute response with humour justified her statement. I couldn’t argue further.  After  a 15 minute of presentation, we started the session. I sat on a sophisticated chair. It was designed for such sessions I guess. She then asked me to talk openly from the bottom of my heart and tell her the problems I am having. She was carrying papers with multiple question sets. I started narrating her the various incidents that impacted me in my childhood, the obsession I have with in me, about my anger. She looked like a stenographer who can write things very fast up on listening. I was keep telling her a lot about my personal life. She was making notes of each an every thing. Trust me it needs practice and patience.  I am not sure, I could have opened up to some one so much about myself. As I said earlier, she has the magic to turn people to match her wavelength based on her questions and kindness.  I slowly started believe in her confidence and her efforts. After some time of conversation, she asked me to relax by playing a video that displayed the beauty of nature with a pacifying music.  The vibration in the room was extraordinary and I could feel it. I was so excited.

After the video, she asked me to gently close my eyes and follow her instructions.  After that All I was hearing was her rhythmic voice. The feeling I had was not manipulating , instead someone  holding your hand and taking you to a journey of new era. She was triggering my subconscious to talk to me. She took me to my childhood days. I was almost seeing a movie or should I say that a documentary? I don’t know how to explain. Her instructions to imagine scenaries gave me positive energy and  I felt like I am on an adventure trip.

She was very patient throughout the process. At times, I even went asleep. She brought me back to conscious mode and drove me in the journey frequently.  Very soon I was asked to travel to another life. I even felt like some negative energies trying to  stop me. But her voice was very commanding that gradually took me altogether to a different scene.  For the next  hour what was rolling through my mind was something which I couldn’t forget in my life. I am sure it couldn’t be my creativity or imagination. She was orchestrating the whole drama. She was guiding me to find answers of who am I , what I was doing then, who am I related to and so on?

Even though the scene I saw broke my heart, it somehow correlated to the behaviour I have in my current life. I felt very bad of what I was. I travelled to various stages of that life. I even could see how I died. If some one telling me this, I won’t believe it either until I experience it. I felt very hard and low in energy. I decided finally to come out of the life which She agreed to help me with.

The returning process was also smooth. I opened my eyes finally.

She was sitting next to me with all the patience in the world. I asked her for water and my immediate next question was what’s the time? I couldn’t believe what she said. It was 3 PM in the evening. We started the session at 12 PM if I was remembering correct. I felt like I just had a roller coaster ride.  The beauty was, she captured every thing what I told her and shared  the document with me.  I thanked her for helping me travelling inward. I told her that she is one person that I can never forget in my life.  She smiled gently.

What this whole experience has taught me? Certainly a lot. Every actions will a have an equal and opposite reaction. But it was not something that started when Newton invented it. It was existing from the day the universe was created.  That is what is happening. Our every reaction in our current life had an Action in our Past life. If we understand the core reason for what we are reincarnated  into this world, we would certainly  make ourselves happy and meaningful. Until we realize the fault and correct them, we won’t be meaningful for ever.

If you ask me “Life after Death exist?” I would say NO. According to me it is actually ‘Life after a Life” which do exists.

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